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Experience a seamless and modern look in your bathroom with our square and linear invisible drains. Designed with a hidden drain system, water is received from one, two, or four slopes, and is drained through the perimeter joints of the tile until reaching base level and the drain outlet. Our invisible drains offer a unique and stylish solution for those who desire contrast-free with the rest of the floor, providing a sophisticated and elegant finish to your bathroom. Upgrade your space with our invisible drains and achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.



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Hidden Drain System
Our invisible drains are designed with a hidden drain system that receives water from one, two, or four slopes and drains it through the ceramic’s perimeter joints until it reaches the base level and the drain hole. This creates a contrast-free and sophisticated look in your bathroom.

Easy Installation
Our invisible drains feature a modern waterproofing installation process that includes our Superdry waterproof membrane for easy and hassle-free installation.

All our kits include everything you need to install

  • Invisible Linear View Kit / Square View Kit drain base
  • Drain Body
  • QM Superdry waterproofing membrane 1,5 x 2 m
  • The key for cleaning/lifting.

Important: We recommend adding the Bracket Kit recess to the wood subfloor for a perfect and easy curbless installation with our invisible drains. However, add the curb(s) to your cart if a curbed shower is preferred.

Our invisible drains offer a step-free and obstacle-free shower experience, providing a sense of freedom in homogeneous tiling. And if you prefer or require a curb, no worries. Our drains can accommodate that, too, as an additional option.

Thermo-Sealed Waterproofing
Our invisible drains feature thermo-sealed waterproofing on the eaves throughout the perimeter, ensuring the complete sealing of the most critical points for added durability and water resistance.

Maximum Cleaning
Our invisible drains are designed with a self-cleaning surface and antibacterial and fungicidal sanitary treatment. With no joints to collect dirt or grime, our invisible drains are easy to maintain and avoid the typical efflorescence that appears between joints. Plus, they allow for easy lifting of the tiling to access the interior of the drain for deep cleaning.

Tile Compatibility:

Please note that our invisible linear and square drains are designed to accommodate large-format tiles that cover the entire area of the drain. They may not be suitable for small-sized tiles. This ensures a seamless and aesthetically pleasing look for your shower floor.

Low Profile
Our invisible drains are suitable for installation on both wooden and concrete subfloors without increasing the height of the bathroom. With a height of only 0.78″ = 20mm, they offer a low-profile solution for a sleek and modern look.

Our invisible drains enable the installation of various tile formats, preferably porcelain coating, for added versatility and design possibilities.


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Functional and Elegant Design

Seamless Integration for a Sleek Finish

Versatile and Efficient Drainage

Highest Functional Standards

Pantented Technology

Easy Installation

Easy instalation!

Kit includes all components need it for instalation. We recommend to add more superdry waterproofing membrane for the rest of the bathroom floor.