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The “Invisible Drain” shower tray is a revolutionary system that offers modern design and functionality to your bathroom. This innovative tray creates a seamless and sophisticated look with its flat and level shower floor. The “Invisible Drain” shower tray is covered by your choice of tiling, so the slopes of the tray remain hidden, and the water is channeled through the tile joints to the outlet, resulting in a visually stunning shower that is also highly practical and efficient. The system is adaptable to any style or design, and it’s easy to install. The “Invisible Drain” shower tray adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom and offers a new level of luxury and style.


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Introducing the Invisible Drain shower tray – a revolutionary system that brings modern design and functionality to your bathroom. With this innovative tray, your shower floor will be completely flat and level with the rest of your bathroom, creating a seamless and sophisticated look. The “Invisible Drain” is covered by your choice of tiling, which means that the slopes of the shower tray remain hidden, and the water is channeled through the joints to the outlet. This makes for a visually stunning, highly practical, and efficient shower. Our system is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to any style or design, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance to their bathroom. Plus, with our easy-to-install system, you can enjoy your new shower tray quickly. With the Invisible Drain, you’ll experience a new luxury and style in your bathroom. Don’t settle for an ordinary shower – upgrade to the “Invisible Drain” and transform your space.

Seamlessly Integrated Design
The “Invisible Drain” shower tray seamlessly blends into your bathroom floor, creating a sleek and modern look. The tray is covered with the same tiling used in the bathroom, resulting in a completely flat shower floor at the same level as the surrounding floor.

Hidden Water Drainage
The innovative design of the “Invisible Drain” shower tray features a hidden water drainage system that captures water through the joints of the tiles. This discrete system ensures that your shower remains safe and functional without compromising the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

Low Profile and Easy Installation
The “Invisible Drain” shower tray has a low profile and a minimum thickness of just 0.8″ – 1″, making it easy to install on both wooden and concrete floors without increasing the bathroom height. The product comes with a complete installation kit, making installation a breeze.

Includes everything you need to install: View Kit

  • Invisible Shower Tray
  • Drain Body
  • Tile Frame
  • Waterproofing Band
  • Wall Trim
  • Adhesive Key for cleaning/lifting

We recommend adding the Bracket Kit recess to the wood subfloor for a perfect and easy curbless installation. However, add the curb(s) to your cart if a curbed shower is preferred.

Open and Spacious
The “Invisible Drain” shower tray allows for an open and spacious bathroom design without any obstructions or steps that can be hazardous or inconvenient. The completely flat shower floor is ideal for those with mobility concerns and creates a sense of freedom and accessibility.

Tile Compatibility:

Please note that the size of the tiles needed to cover the shower tray is determined by the width or length of the tray, not the entire shower area. We recommend reviewing the tile size information and selecting tiles that match the width or length of the shower tray. This ensures a clean and aesthetically pleasing look for your shower floor.

Maximum Hygiene and Cleaning
The “Invisible Drain” shower tray features a self-cleaning surface with antibacterial and fungicidal sanitary treatment and a profiling system for easy access to the interior of the tray and drain. With no joints to worry about, cleaning is a breeze, and the risk of mold or mildew buildup is significantly reduced.

Versatile and Adaptable
The “Invisible Drain” shower tray can be installed with various ceramic formats, making it versatile and adaptable to any bathroom style. Porcelain is recommended for its durability and waterproofing properties.

Noise Reduction
The “Invisible Drain” shower tray features a 4mm perimeter seal that isolates the shower floor, reducing impact noise transmission and ensuring a more peaceful shower experience.

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Functional and Elegant Design

Seamless Integration for a Sleek Finish

Versatile and Efficient Drainage

Highest Functional Standards

Pantented Technology

Easy Installation



Easy instalation!

Kit includes all components need it for instalation. We recommend to add more superdry waterproofing membrane for the rest of the bathroom floor.